Physiotherapist, Mgr. Zuzana Stevenson

Private Physical Therapy Practice and Rehabilitation


Registered physiotherapist of MZCR: 024-0002-5188

Appointments at +420 724 233 226

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  • Neck pain, headache, migraines
  • Lower back pain, discopathy
  • Scoliosis, faulty posture
  • Foot care, Achilles problems, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus (bunion), flat foot
  • Tendinitis, tennis elbow, groin pain
  • Joint pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis
  • Muscle imbalance, musculoskeletal injuries, muscle weakness
  • Pregnancy and postpartum problems, pelvic floor strengthening
  • Sport and work related problems (overloading, long term sitting, stress)
  • Postoperative physical therapy, scar care, quick mobility recovery
  • Sport related injuries, movement analysis
  • Short notice appointments avaliable
  • No doctor referral needed
  • Insurance not accepted (no procedure or time limitation)
  • Bonus employer program available

Acute care

ordering up to 24 hours, acute spinal pain, headache, long-term overload injuries, sports injuries, acute spine blockages, intervertebral disc stumps, ankle sprains, painful arm, postoperative rehabilitation, etc.

Chronic problems

timely ordering, careful examination, holistic approach, problem solving complex and tailored, elimination of the cause of the problem, prolonged spine pain, abdominal pain (entezopathy), muscular dysbalance, faulty posture, orthopedic and neurological conditions, etc.


More then 20years of clinical experience, master´s of PT (Charles University), graduand of the Prague school of Rehabilitation (proffessors Vojta, Lewit, Janda, Véle, Kolář)

Prompt care, acute pain management

Fully equipped clinic, compassioned aproach

Therapy in English or Czech

Easy access clinic, parking/bus stop in front of the facility

Personalized treatment, tailored perfectly for you, nice and friendly environment

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