Individual physical therapy for adults

Complete initial kinesiological examination and personalized therapeutic plan.

Individual therapy scheduled based on your needs and no time limitations. Therapy for neurological issues, orthopedic problems, post-traumatic conditions, postoperative physical therapy including scar care, condition after fractures, muscle or joint sprain, torn ligaments, back pain associated with herniated disc (non surgical treatment), chronic musculoskeletal pain (tendons, joints, muscles) etc.


Acute physiotherapy

Appointment within 24 hours, no doctor referral needed, relief from acute back pain, stiffness, tension headaches, muscle or ligaments injuries, acute locked back, lumbago, sciatica, painful shoulder etc.
Therapy conducted in Czech or English language.


Evaluation of your musculoskeletal problems and recommendation for appropriate treatment, movement analysis (sport activity, playing the musical instrument etc).

Individual physical therapy for children from 3 years

Poor posture, scoliosis, back pain, flat feet, misalignment issues, training of correct motor skills (gross and fine motor skills),
posttraumatic and postoperative conditions, sport physical therapy, neurological conditions (CP), parent education in therapy/exercises

Preventive care

Maintaining the good function of the musculoskeletal system, check up therapy and examination, job related issues such as long term sitting, keyboarding, or heavy lifting. Sport related issues, Physiotherapeutic care for elderly and chronically ill (MS, CP, Parkinson etc) in their home environment including family members education

Group physical therapy programs for adults

Rehabilitation exercises for healthy back and joints, yoga elements, exercises with physical therapy equipment, stretching shortened muscles and strengthening weakened muscle groups, optimal activation of the deep stabilization system leading to the elimination of musculoskeletal pain. Exercise for muscle groups according to the circumstances (such as pregnancy or postpartum, after knee or hip replacement etc.)

Group programs for children

Prevention of poor posture, scoliosis, sensory motor disorders, training of correct posture and proper movement skills (patterns), dexterity training, sensory motor training, game exercises (with equipment), physio-games

Group physical therapy programs for companies

Comprehensive physiotherapeutic care for employees of your company, benefit programs, dealing with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain of your employees, workshops, group exercises and individual therapy available. Program conducted in Czech or English. Preventive programs to avoid the problems related to long term sitting and work stress, ergonomics consultation, services can be paid by using benefit programs (Benefity, Benefits Plus)